Sitting Darts | Erasmus+ Project Kicks off January 2021


Whats the Sitting Darts? 

Sitting Darts is a project funded by the EU within the scope of Erasmus+, aiming to improve the participation and awareness of people with disabilities in sports. The project is carried out under the coordination of TBBDF from Turkey, Constanta University from Romania, BRAVO from Bosnia and Herzegovina and ASFAS from Serbia.

We prepared our project for two main purposes. Primary purpose; we want to reach disabled people who are excluded from social life, have fewer opportunities than their peers, and are deprived of the healing power of sports and sports. We aim to increase their daily life quality and socialize them by providing sports activities through this project. For this purpose, we choose to use darts sport as a tool because of its portable structure and not requiring high physical performance. In our project, darts coaches will teach darts to disabled individuals and their peers with the help of school counselor in school. In this way, individuals with disabilities will be more involved in social life and they will gain responsibility by competing both individually with their peers in team and personal development will be supported. 

Secondary purpose; is to reinforce the solidarity and friendship between them by increasing the empathy feelings of children towards their disabled peers. Exactly like their disabled friends, they will experience playing darts in a wheelchair so that healthy children can develop a sense of empathy. We hope it will enable them to better understand these people with disabilities.


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