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Coordinator: Turkish Bocce, Bowling and Darts Federation (TBBDF)

Turkish Bocce, Bowling and Darts Federation was founded by the Central Advisory Committee(MDK) of State Ministry responsible for Sport in Turkey on the 18th – October 2004. Bocce Bowling and Darts sports, which had been active in different federations such as Sports for All, Baseball, Hunting and Shooting for many years, were gathered under one roof and it was decided to become a new federation. Ahmet Recep TEKCAN, who received the votes of all the members of the MDK in the election held on March 24, 2005, became the president of the federation. On January 22, 2006, the federation became autonomous with the law published in the Official Gazette No. 26057. Following the autonomy, the 1st Ordinary General Assembly meeting of the federation was held on the 27th-May 2006 and Ahmet Recep TEKCAN was reelected as the president. With the unanimous acceptance of the 1st Ordinary General Assembly members, it was accepted that the Petanque and Boules (Volo) sports played in the World and Mediterranean Games under the branch of Bocce to be included included under the TBBDF. In the 2nd Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held in 2008, Lawn Bowls and Electronic Darts disciplines were added to the activities of the federation. At the Extraordinary Election General Assembly of the Federation held on June 8, 2018, Assoc. Dr. Mutlu TÜRKMEN was elected as the new president. There are now six sports disciplines represented under TBBDF: 1- Bocce, 2- Bowling, 3-Darts/E-Darts, 4-Petanque, 5-Sport Boules, and 6-Lawn Bowls The headquarter office of the federation is located in Ankara.



Association Sport for All Serbia (ASFAS) 

Association Sport for All was founded in March 2005 but its programmatic tradition goes back to year 1952 when Partizan Yugoslavia – Association for physical education and recreation was established. The association existed under this name until 1992 when all republic associations (Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian and Herzegovina, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Serbian) participated equally in its work. Sports for All programs as a philosophy of life have, first and foremost, has a promotional-propaganda character of physical exercise. These programs are for the benefit of health, nicer and more humane pastime, socialization, and many other undeniable values, and finally a prerequisite for the development of top-notch sportsmanship, regardless of gender, social, functional, religious and other differences. The Association Sport for All Serbia currently has 68 sports organizations (regular, affiliated and assisting), some of which are national, territorial and local. They all operate within their determined budgets of cities and municipalities using programs coordinated by the Association Sport for All Serbia. A total of about 150 different organizations from the Sport for All system operate in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.. ASFAS is a member of Sports federation of Serbia and also of TAFISA – The Association for International Sport for all; ISCA – International Sport and Culture Association; FISpT – Federatia Internationale Sport per toi; EFCS – European Federation for Company Sport; BAWS – Balkan Association for Worker’s sport. Programs of the ASFAS are partly financially supported by Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia (30°%) and we are included as one of the four priorities in the National Strategy for Sport development 



Bosnian Representative Association (BRAVO) 

Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO) is non-profit and non-governmental organization. The things that make this organization outstanding and ready to assume responsibility are core principles: tolerance, democracy, diversity, voluntariness and openness. Our teams are working in the following fields/topics: Human Rights, Anti-Trafficking, People with disabilities, Reproductive health and STDs, Gender Equality and Combating Gender-Based Violence, Sports on a daily basis, Audio and Video production, People with fewer opportunities, Organizing events, Entrepreneurship, IT and ICT, Technology, Humanitarian actions, National and International projects, Support in fight against Criminal and Corruption, Accelerating start-ups, Industry 4.0, Entrepreneurship, Project management, Sitting Darts Page 4 of 33 Refugee and Migrants, Creative Actions, but at the same time we are working on publishing books, brochures, newsletters, flyers, affiliations and other publications and a lot of others activities. The focus of our organization is on international projects, including all sectors and topics above with 2 the main topics: SPORT and ENTREPREUNERSHIP, but at the same time working with people with fewer opportunities and taking care of European values and principles. We are working with institutions for people with disabilities such as institutions for Deaf and Blind people. Through our activities, in cooperation with institutions and organizations led by people with disabilities, we are teaching silent language and doing SPORTS activities with blind people. At our projects as coordinators or hosting organization, we are giving opportunity to the participants to visit this institutions and do SPORT activities with them. 



Ovidius University of Constanta 

The Ovidius University of Constanta, the largest European Black Sea University, was founded in 1961. In 1990, it became a multidisciplinary university with numerous curricula covering all three levels: Bachelor`s Degree Programs, Master`s Degree Programs and Doctoral Study Programs. The mission of Ovidius University is to create, maintain and distribute knowledge to society through education, scientific research and artistic creation at European standards. The University is in the service of the community, but has an impact across the Black Sea area, in Europe and beyond. The vision of the university is to be recognized as a regional leader in higher education and scientific research, to be the first option in the preferences of students from the entire area of the Black Sea and beyond. The areas of study cover a very wide range, from Medical Studies to Engineering, from Humanities to Sciences, from Natural Sciences to Economics and Law, from Arts to Theology. Currently, the University has 79 Bachelor degree programs, 54 master`s programs and 4 Doctoral Schools in 8 domains of study. At the Ovidius University of Constanta study numerous international students. With more than 14,000 students out of which 1,100 international student, our institution is the largest Black Sea University in the European Union. The Ovidius University is comitted to regional and international cooperation through international higher education associations. Our institution is one of the founding members of the Black Sea Universities Network and hosts its General Secretariat. The University is a member of various international associations such as the European University Association and the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education, contributing to its development and to the general progress of higher education. 




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